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Japan Management Association (JMA)


March 30, 1942


The purpose of the Association shall be to contribute to the development of the Japanese economy, the improvement of the nation's living standard, and the encouragement of growth of the global society. In order to accomplish this purpose, the Association shall carry out comprehensive activities; survey, research, information collection and publication regarding corporate management innovation; enhancing overall human resources development; assisting technological development throughout industries.

Our Members

Our Members

Staff of Japan Management Association : 218
(as of April 1, 2016)

Articles of Association

Articles of Association

Business Outline

With the objective of fulfilling its purpose the Association shall carry out the followings:

  1. Surveys and research relating to management

  2. Collecting and publicizing information relating to management

  3. Development and education in human resources relating to management

  4. Activities for corporation commendation qualification and enlightenment on management innovation

  5. Organizing conferences exhibitions and the like relating to management, management related technology and industrial development

  6. Providing third-party certification and registration services relating to standards-based management systems products and services

  7. Providing verification services and environmental management assistance services relating to the prevention of global warming

  8. Liaison and cooperation with internal and external organizations and the like relating to management

  9. Such other activities as may be necessary in the achievement of the purposes of the Association

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